Hallowed Legends: Templar

Hallowed Legends: Templar

Hallowed Legends: Templar is a hidden objects game

Hallowed Legends: Templar is a hidden objects game. Your goal is to find your missing brother and sister-in-law. She sent you a letter asking for help. When you arrive at the hotel where you agreed to meet, she has disappeared. Once you arrive, odd things begin to happen. You have to go through the hotel and other locations to solve the mystery. The way you do this is by finding objects that you have to use alongside other objects to accomplish certain tasks, such as opening doors or unfolding a table. As you progress you collect the objects necessary to complete each task. Some of these objects needed are not necessarily on the same location. You gather them in your inventory until the time comes to use them. As you play, you will also have to solve mini-games in order to uncover more objects that you will need. All of this is done while being attacked by the Templar Knights. You have to save your family and return peace to the people of this little town in France.

Unlike the Collector's Edition, this game does not come with an integrated Strategy Guide. This can be purchased separately. The Strategy Guide includes help and hints, extra game play and easy to follow instructions.

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